Fehu Insurance Group

Mission & Values

FIG is guided by a strong commitment to our agents and employees and to a clear mission of a solid value system.

Our Shared and Mutual Mission

It’s our desire as an agency, to work with all our agents and employees, in the following manner:

Provide our mutual customer with the same insurance experience and handling as we would want for ourselves.

Our clients represent the single most important relationship in our agency. We value our team, our agents and our employees in exactly the same way. These aren’t just talking points but rather the method by which we operate day to day and by that, we prosper and grow each day.

Dedicated Team

FIG’s dedicated team helps with every aspect ranging from licensing, carrier appointments and agency set up to ensure every agent is properly set up and ready for business.

Training, Locally & Nationally

FIG’s primary objective is preparing you, your agents and our employees with the tools needed to provide outstanding insurance solutions and service for every client.

Our team consists of remote agents, managers and team leaders willing to help you both virtually and in person, depending on your location.

We currently have a few pending states and expect to add more to our approved states shortly.

Health insurance is in a constant state of change requiring research, knowledge, and tools to help our mutual clients. Our team holds daily product meetings and resource webinars to help keep our agents “in the know” and performing at optimum effectiveness.



  • Our own CRM (contact manager)
  • Leads available daily, carrier sponsored leads and vendors
  • Excellent blend of advanced & earned commissions
  • Marketing help and training
  • Hands-on training and mentorship
  • Company sponsored VoIP at no cost to our agents
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FEHU - Meaning

Our name was derived from an old Norwegian Rune.

There are many websites that offer the definition so we picked one we feel closely tracks our mindset and beliefs.

Symbol of prosperity, well-being, spiritual and material wealth. Fehu can mean cattle, gold, or wealth in general.