Fehu Group Incorporated

We're Incredibly Successful and Driven!

FGI is an MGA for Health and Life Insurance. So, what sets us apart from other Agencies, Managing General Agencies?

Most Importantly, our Mentorship Programs! We build small teams in so agents have the opportunity to grow and succeed in a massive way. Beyond that, we have excellent commission and advance levels.

If you want to succeed in the insurance business, you absolutely need and a company like ours. We have some very exciting things to show so let’s get you started by clicking the Join our Team” link right now!

We’re excited to help you take the next step! Let’s get you to earn the money you deserve and enjoy the freedoms time and happiness you’ve been looking for.

Dedicated Team

FIG’s dedicated team helps with every aspect ranging from licensing, carrier appointments and agency set up to ensure every agent is properly set up and ready for business.

Training, Locally & Nationally

FGI’s coverage map show’s where we are and where we’re going. Keep an eye on this as we add new states.

Our team consists of remote agents, managers, and team leaders willing to help you both virtually and in person, depending on your location.

We have team leaders throughout our Green States and looking for more.

Make sure you chat with us about leadership opportunities.








  • Our own CRM (contact manager)
  • Proven lead systems & increased income!
  • Excellent blend of advanced & earned commissions
  • Marketing help and training
  • Hands-on training and mentorship
  • Top Level Carriers
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FEHU - Meaning

Our name was derived from an old Norwegian Rune.

There are many websites that offer the definition so we picked one we feel closely tracks our mindset and beliefs.

Symbol of prosperity, well-being, spiritual and material wealth. Fehu can mean cattle, gold, or wealth in general.