Why FIG?

Because Independent agents and brokerage firms, just like you, who focused on the individual and small group markets struggled through when the Affordable Care Act was passed. Many agents moved into the over 65 Market to try and generate revenue only to find out how crowded that market has become.

We have a unique approach to solving the Under 65 Healthcare  and some Specific Life Insurance needs by blending several solutions. We’ll teach you how to make money in this market again by creating an absolutely compelling plan for your clients all the while increasing your income to levels it used to be or even better, more than you used to make. See below for what we bring to the negotiating table.


Are you stuck in the brokerage swirl, always wondering what’s next without the support of a team you can look to for real daily support?

This is a story we hear every day!  You have come to the right place and we can help you and your career immediately. We have outstanding advance commissions and further, we can help you build something meaningful.


You have found the right place to engage your talents! It doesn’t matter where you gained your closing skill but you will find out how well you will be able to apply it here. these opportunities come around once in a great while and you have found it. Now act on it and get started!

We’ll help you get licensed and rolling. Click this link for more information.

Happy/Motivated People

You may not have experience in selling or have an insurance background but you do have excitement and motivation. We will help you learn the insurance business, how to effectively sell and forward your new career to incredible heights.

We’ll help you get licensed and rolling. Click this link for more information.

What's in it for you?

We have negotiated with top carriers for outstanding advance commissions!

Why are advanced commissions important? Most agents require upfront commissions in order to build an outstanding income while building an earned book of business.

As an example, we’ll pay you up 135% of the 1st. months premium for some of our health insurance plans and even more if you write supplemental plans like Critical Illness which is 540% of the 1st. months premium!

Better yet, we pay out up to Four times per week so selling and rewards for selling normally happen within days of writing a new policy. What are you waiting for? Get busy!

We have a vast, approved lead vendor list ranging from live transfers to lead lists and everything in between.

We also have our own staffed telemarketing team generating FEX and Mortgage Protection leads.

Our Carriers also have lead incentive programs, provided as rewards for your production.

Our technology helps set us apart from the other firms and companies.

We have invested in our own CRM, a sales path and process, and other tools that will help your career with us take off.

We provide a Click to Dial VoIP system that works seamlessly with our CRM at no cost to our agents.

We have several trips planned for 2021! We also sponsor a company-paid trip for producers. Once you’re an agent with FIg we provide you the details of our next Europe Trip (June 2021).